Basic Concepts of Contact Lens Care

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If you wear contact lenses, chances are good you aren’t doing as much as you should to take care of them. After all, we all live busy lives these days, and properly caring for your lenses might not be on the top of your list. In this blog post, I am going to to talk about some basic contact lens care tips, and also provide you with a way to save on your contacts by using coupon codes. couponsHow much care your contacts requires depends in part on what type of lenses you have. Obviously, if you wear daily disposables, then you will not have to care for them since they are thrown out at the end of the day. Daily disposables, however, are quite expensive, and most of us probably use lenses that you use for 2 – 4 weeks. In these cases, here are some things you should be doing:

  1. Take out your lenses every night – It’s well known that it’s best not to wear your lenses overnight. I tend to notice they dry up excessively when I sleep in them, and they become less comfortable to wear afterwards.
  2. Rub your lenses with solution – Rub each lens for 10-15 seconds before storing them overnight in contact lens solutions. Use your index finger to rub the lenses on the palm of your other hand. This removes dirt and grime that wouldn’t otherwise be removed if you simply store them.
  3. Replace your case – Experts recommend replacing your contact lens case every 3 months. The reason? It turns out your lens cases build up bacteria over time. Therefore, after 3 months, you want to start with a clean slate by using a brand new case.

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