Buying the Best Checks at a Discount

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checks from DeluxeThere will come a day in the future when we no longer use paper products. But that day is still quite a ways off, and for the time being, we rely quite heavily on paper products such as checks. Using the right checking product is crucial if you want to save time and money. So how do you select which checking product to purchase?

The first thing you need to make sure is that the checks you are ordering are compatible with any financial or accounting software you use. If you use a well-known checking company like Deluxe Checks, you can go to their online store and sort their products based on the software you use. Then, you will be able to see all the products that are compatible with your software. You’ll also notice that there are dozens and sometimes even hundreds of checks to choose from. Be sure you review the product you select carefully, as it can be costly if you end up ordering the wrong product.

Once you select a checking product, there are two things you can do to make sure you are getting the best deal possible. First, you should buy in large quantities whenever possible. If you order just 50 checks, you might end up paying close to $1 for each check. If you select thousands of checks, however, you may be pleasantly surprised to find out that your costs will drop drastically, sometimes to around 10 or 20 cents per check. It goes without saying, then, that it’s in your best interest to buy in bulk whenever you can.

The other thing you should do to save money is take advantage of any coupons, promo codes, discounts, or other special offers. Not all checking companies will provide discounts, but if you buy from Deluxe, you will find that they frequently offer Deluxe Checks Promo Codes (which you can currently get from and other great deals, which can sometimes save you 40% or more on your order. To get these coupons, simply do a search on Google, or go to your favorite coupon site like

It is my hope the information in this article will allow you to buy the best checks and save some money in the process. As you can probably tell, Deluxe Checks is my favorite checking company, but you can buy from any company you like, as the money-saving principles outlined on this page will remain the same.

For more information about business checks, you may want to view the video clip below.

Basic Concepts of Contact Lens Care

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If you wear contact lenses, chances are good you aren’t doing as much as you should to take care of them. After all, we all live busy lives these days, and properly caring for your lenses might not be on the top of your list. In this blog post, I am going to to talk about some basic contact lens care tips, and also provide you with a way to save on your contacts by using coupon codes. couponsHow much care your contacts requires depends in part on what type of lenses you have. Obviously, if you wear daily disposables, then you will not have to care for them since they are thrown out at the end of the day. Daily disposables, however, are quite expensive, and most of us probably use lenses that you use for 2 – 4 weeks. In these cases, here are some things you should be doing:

  1. Take out your lenses every night – It’s well known that it’s best not to wear your lenses overnight. I tend to notice they dry up excessively when I sleep in them, and they become less comfortable to wear afterwards.
  2. Rub your lenses with solution – Rub each lens for 10-15 seconds before storing them overnight in contact lens solutions. Use your index finger to rub the lenses on the palm of your other hand. This removes dirt and grime that wouldn’t otherwise be removed if you simply store them.
  3. Replace your case – Experts recommend replacing your contact lens case every 3 months. The reason? It turns out your lens cases build up bacteria over time. Therefore, after 3 months, you want to start with a clean slate by using a brand new case.

Lastly, I’d like to share a method I use to get great deals on contact lenses. I buy my lenses online from a store called, which has the absolute lowest prices on most brands, based on my own personal research. You’ll need information about your prescription in order to place an order, so make sure you get a copy when you have your eye exam. Also, you’ll want to make sure you obtain a coupon. Just click here for more information on how to get deals on contact lenses. By doing these things, I am able to pay much less for my contact lenses than I normally would by purchasing them at my optometrist’s office.

My quick cheat sheet on living healthy

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health tipsA lot of people over-complicate things. How to live a healthy life is one of those things. People always complicate things like exercise and diets. But I have a simpler approach, which has worked well for me. My general diet guidelines boils down to 3 things:

  1. Minimize saturated fats – They’ve been known to cause all sorts of problems like heart disease and high cholesterol.
  2. Minimize sodium – It’s everywhere, and it can be difficult to cut down on sodium, but I try to get less than 2400 mg a day. Trust me, it can be done.
  3. Minimize sugar – I only drink diet sodas and drink iced tea or water to get most of my fluids. Don’t use added sugar, period. Make that a rule.
  4. Take supplements – To cover your bases, take a multivitamin or other supplements. Every single vitamin has many benefits for your body. (Just read my article about Vitamin E as an example of this.)

These guidelines, to me, are relatively easy to follow. You just need to get in the habit of reading labels and checking up nutritional information for any restaurants you eat at.

How to select the right e-cigarette

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New users of e-cigarettes often face a daunting task. They must first figure out how e-cigarettes work, and also choose which product to purchase. The problem is that there are so many brands of e-cigarettes, and so many different potential setups. Such an abundance of choices may be nice for experienced user, but newcomers can easily be overwhelmed.

With that in mind, here is a short guide on selecting the right e-cigarette.

My favorite e-cig brand, White Cloud EcigFor beginners
The best way to proceed if you are a new e-cigarette user is to find a good brand like White Cloud E-cigs and select either a disposable pack of e-cigs, or get a low-priced starter kit. The good thing about disposable e-cigs and starter kits is that you’ll have everything you need to get started. You don’t have to worry about batteries, cartomizers, e-liquids, chargers, etc., which can get a bit confusing for new users.

For intermediate users
If you’ve used e-cigarettes for some time (a month or more), you may feel ready to start experimenting with batteries and e-cig flavors. Depending on how much you vape, you may find the beginner batteries run out too quickly. Larger batteries such as the ego may be the right choice for you. Most top brands like White Cloud also offer a line of larger, stronger batteries, so if you have a favorite brand, you should try their more expensive batteries as well.

For advanced users
At this point, you probably already know everything you need to do to create your own custom setups. In addition, to purchasing large, variable voltage batteries (called ‘mods’), advanced users also move on to mix their own e-liquids. To do so, you’ll need bottles, syringes, flavoring, nicotine liquid, and many other items. But there are plenty of websites that show you, step-by-step, how you can get started with creating your own e-liquids.

If you are having trouble selecting a brand of e-cigarettes, I recommend reading some e-cigarette reviews online. My personal favorite right now is White Cloud E-cigs, but there are many other top-notch brands to consider, such as Halo, Smokeless Image, and Volcano.

The various uses of Vitamin E

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Most Americans don’t get all the nutrients they need from food. Today, I’d like to talk about one miraculous vitamin, called Vitamin E. It is one of the antioxidant vitamins, which means it helps protect your body from aging by fighting off free radicals. Many health experts recommend supplementing your diet every day with up to 400 IU of Vitamin E.

The most noticeable benefit from taking Vitamin E is that it will improve your complexion. This is a long-known advantage of supplementing with Vitamin E. But you can actually take things a step further by cutting open a Vitamin E capsule and rubbing the oil on your skin. This is one technique that has been used by many people to get rid of acne and acne scars.

In addition to these well-known benefits, Vitamin E is also known to boost your immune system and be good for long-term eye health. Although many people will claim that you can get enough Vitamin E from a healthy diet, I tend to disagree with this approach. Since the tolerable upper limit of Vitamin E is something like 1500 IU, I find that taking 400 IU a day can’t hurt. And I’ve visibly noticed improvements to my skin since I began supplementing with Vitamin E.

As it’s a pretty popular vitamin, you can usually get Vitamin E at any grocery store or pharmacy. If you’d rather purchase them online, one store you should try is Pureformulas. I like to buy my vitamins in bulk from them, which allows me to get free shipping on my order. Don’t forget, you can also obtain Pureformulas coupons from this vitamin site¬†or other, similar health sites.

For more information about Vitamin E, I recommend visiting WebMD. You should also check out the video below, which provides a lot of good information about this vitamin:

While supplements can really aid you in becoming healthier, ultimately, your diet is the most important thing. There are many healthy diets you can follow, including vegetarian diets, DASH diets, and TLC diets. I recommend reading the top diets on U.S. News and selecting the one that you think would be easiest to follow.

My experience using two free trial offers

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Why in the world would anyone listen to audio books? That’s a question I asked myself when I was younger. But back then, I had plenty of time to read. Things changed as I became an adult, and nowadays, I do quite a bit of driving. Listening to the radio is great while driving, but sometimes I want a bit more mental stimulation as well. That’s when I first began to discover the value of audio books.

stack of booksI found Audible quite by accident many years ago. At the time, I was trying to increase my vocabulary in preparation for a graduate admissions test. Since repetition is the only way I can memorize things, I decided it would be a good idea to have audio of vocabulary definitions playing in the background while I do other things. Once I found Audible, I purchased a couple vocabulary audio books. For the money I paid, I was quite happy with my purchase.

Since then, I have branched out to purchasing all sorts of other audio books. Nonfiction is a great category to browse, and I love playing nonfiction titles while I’m driving to and from work. I’m still getting used to fiction, but when I find a novel that is well-read by the speaker, I find I sometimes enjoy myself a lot more than I usually do simply by reading.

The only gripe I have about Audible is that the selection, while large, is not comprehensive. I only find about half the books I want to read in audio format. With that being said, Audible does do a good job of offering popular titles. Any book that appeared on a bestseller list will almost definitely be available in audio format at Audible.

The way Audible works takes a bit of explaining. You could go to the site and purchase books individually; however, this is almost always a bad idea. As a non-member, you’ll end up paying quite a bit more than members do. This means that even if you only intend to buy one or two books, it’s in your best interest to get yourself a membership. This can be done at no cost, as there is a free trial for Audible that lasts for 30 days. The Audible free trial also allows you to download one free book for every month that you are a member.

Over the long run, if you download quite a few audio books like I do, it pays to remain a member of Audible. On the other hand, if you only listen to a few books a year, you should use the Audible trial offer from, then turn your membership off. You can reactivate it every time you want to purchase another audio book, and this will save you some money over keeping your membership perpetually active.

Audible can be used on multiple devices. The video below shows you how to use Audible on a smart phone:

Another free trial offer I took advantage of not too long ago is Gamefly. Like Audible, Gamefly is an online service. But instead of allowing you to listen to audio books, Gamefly allows you to play video games. In most cases, they will send the games to you through the mail. You can expect any games you “rent” to be delivered within a couple days.

With an impressive library of over 8000 games, with new ones being added regularly, you should have no issues finding a great game to play, regardless of the platform you use. You can check out Gamefly’s selection by visiting their site. However, a much better idea is to use a Gamefly coupon for a free trial so that you can actually use the service and judge for yourself how good the service is. The free trial lasts for 30 days, and that is ample time to determine whether Gamefly is a service you would liked to subscribe to.

Gamefly does a good job of making available all the popular new releases. Because of this, even if you are only interested in recently-released games, you will discover that Gamefly is a more cost-effective way to play such games instead of buying them on your own.

Joining Eharmony With a Free Trial

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Online dating isn’t as easy as most people think. Although it’s true that you can meet hundreds of people without leaving the comfort of your home, you really need to put in a lot of effort to get results. The most successful people in online dating put a lot of time into their endeavors, and do things like get professional photos taken. They also spend countless hours tweaking their profile to attract the most suitors. And last but not least, there are many books about how to date online successfully. I suspect the best people at online dating have read quite a few of them.

Good Online Dating SitesThen there is also the issue of which dating site you join. I personally like to closely target the dating site as much as possible. Sure, large dating sites like are convenient, but why not take things a step further and join a site that specifically caters to your needs? A Christian, for example, should be using sites like Christian Mingle instead of a general dating site. Similarly, someone who is interested in marriage should join Eharmony, since they are famous for producing more marriages online than anybody else. By doing this, you have less filtering to do with your potential matches. It’s just one less step you have to go through in order to find people you are truly meant to be with.

One thing I like about Eharmony is that it’s become far less expensive than it once was, while still providing you with all the features you’d expect from a top-notching dating enterprise. You don’t even have to take my word for it, though, since you can get an Eharmony Free Trial and see for yourself. If you’re interesting in joining without cost, you can get an Eharmony free trial coupon here.

Technically, it’s more of a free account where you’re allowed to set up a profile and search other members without paying anything. You’ll need to get yourself a subscription, however, if you want to start messaging other people.


Is a vegetarian diet really better for you?

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Many people become vegetarians in the hopes to become healthy. But is a vegetarian diet really good for you? Today, we will be looking into this issue.

woman eating healthy diet

But before we begin, let’s talk first about what a vegetarian is. Simply put, a vegetarian is someone who does not eat meat. This includes fish. But that does not mean that a vegetarian avoids all animal products. Therefore, while they may not eat meat, they can still drink milk and eat eggs.

If you avoid all animal products, including milk and eggs, that puts you in the category of vegans. Vegans are more extreme for that reason and usually feel very strongly about their lifestyle.

The short answer about whether a vegetarian diet is better for your health is that, yes, in most cases, it is. Studies have shown that vegetarians usually have lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol, which are two of the biggest threats to good health.

But not all vegetarians are healthy. Even if you avoid meat, if you eat fries, cheese pizzas, and drink milk all day, you will likely not be healthy at all. Therefore, it’s important to eat sensibly even if you are a vegetarian, and understand that just because you’re avoiding meat, your diet won’t automatically be a healthy one.

One big risk for vegetarians is not getting enough protein. As you probably know, meat is one of the primary sources of protein in most people’s diets. When you take this out of the equation, you must find other ways to get your protein. For vegetarians, this isn’t too difficult, since they can get protein through other animal products like cheese, milk, and yogurt. For vegans, it can be a lot more difficult. One good source of protein is beans and tofu. Also, if you go to Whole Foods or Trade Joes, you will find plenty of meat alternatives that provide a good deal of protein.

Aside from that Vitamin B12 is something else you may be low on if you follow a vegetarian diet. For this reason, you should get yourself a good B12 supplement and take it daily. You can typically get good supplements online at a decent price. Make sure you use discount coupons for your online purchases, as this can often slash the price you pay considerably.

Alternatives to being a vegetarian

Maybe you’ve thought about becoming a vegetarian, but find it too much of a commitment. For those people, there are a couple sensible alternatives worth taking a look at.

One of them is to eat only fish and no other meats. This diet is often called pescetarian, and some people argue that it’s healthier than a vegetarian diet because you will be getting Omega 3 oils, which are almost universally considered a great health benefit. Note that if you eat a lot of fish, you should be mindful of your mercury levels. Use online calculators to ensure you aren’t getting mercury poisoning if you become a pescetarian.

A less extreme option is to simply cut out red meat. This means your protein sources will primarily be turkey, chicken, and fish. Red meat typically has the most cholesterol and most fat, so by cutting it out, you can reduce your fat and cholesterol diet. Although this option does not go as far as the other diets we talked about, you should still see some health benefits by resolving to avoid red meat altogether.

I believe that diet is the most important thing that relates to your health. A healthy diet, as far as I’m concerned is significantly more important than exercise. If you eat healthy and don’t exercise much, you will still be in pretty good health. On the other hand, even if you exercise, if you eat junk all the time, I doubt you will be doing well.

To be sure, there are tons of diets you can follow, each touting its own set of benefits. But why not stick to the tried and tested diets? Vegetarian, Vegan, and Pescetarian diets have been around for years, and their benefits are well-known and well-understood.

Changing your diet takes a lot of commitment and willpower. Chances are, you won’t be able to become a vegan or vegetarian overnight. There is some dispute over whether such a drastic change is even healthy. Thus, I believe the best way to switch your diet is making a transition. Perhaps you can start out by eating vegetarian or vegan diets 3 days a week, then slowly work your way toward eating such a diet every day of the week. This way, your body will slowly adjust to the changes. It’s also easier to make a lifestyle change in increments and ease yourself into it. You’ll be more likely to succeed in switching your diet if you make the transition at a reasonable pace instead of suddenly.

For more information on vegetarian diets, I recommend the video below.